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Jesse & JD’s GRAND IN YOUR HAND presented by Advantage Ford!

Text to win a GRAND IN YOUR HAND with Calgary’s CJAY 92. CJAY 92 is giving away $1,000 to a lucky winner every weekday (excluding stat holidays) – one lucky listener could win $10,000.

Tune in to CJAY 92six times every weekday at 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm to listen for the cue-to-text a unique keyword to 929292 to qualify. Standard Rates May Apply.

Text to win a $500 gift card for Cabela’s with Ottawa’s PURE Country 94. Tune into PURE Country 94 weekdays for the Cabela’s text to win codewords. When you hear the cue-to-text send the codeword followed by your full name to 949494 be entered. Standard Rates May Apply.

99.9 Virgin Radio wants to know… would you choose a staycay, or a vacay?  You could win $5000 for The Ultimate Staycation, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see LIZZO in Nashville! 

To enter, text “WIN” and your name to 999-99! Starting Monday, if we call out your name at 7a, 9a, 3p or 5p, you’ll have 9 minutes to call us back at 416-872-9999! If you call us back in time, you’ll INSTANTLY win $250 and get on the Virgin Radio Standby List where we could be asking you – Staycay? Or Vacay?

Virgin Mornings with Adam Wylde, TJ & Jax are calling the Grand Prize Winner on Friday, June 17 at 7a!

*standard message rates apply


Posted: May 1, 2022 in All News, Broadcasting

Move Radio’s BIKE A DAY IN MAY is BACK!
We’re gearing YOU up for summer with a brand new Supercycle Nitrous Dual Suspension Mountain Bike provided by Canadian Tire – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. IN. MAY!

To win, listen to Halifax Move 100 for the texting keyword weekdays at 8:30am and weekends at 1:30pm – text it back to us within 15 minutes and you could be winning the Bike of the Day!

You may text 100 24 7 a maximum of 1 time per keyword. You will only have 15 minutes after the keyword is announced to send in your text. Standard rates apply to text inquiries

How to enter the contest:

  1. On your cell phone, start a new text message
  2. Enter the destination number: 100247
  3. Enter the keyword announced that day (Weekdays at 8:30am AT, Weekends at 1:30pm AT)
  4. Send your message
  5. You will receive a confirmation message to let you know we got your entry
  6. It doesn’t cost you more than to text a friend!

Toronto’s NEWSTALK 1010 wants you to win big! Text 649 and your name to 7-10-10 every Tuesday. One winner will be awarded $100 in LOTTO 6/49 tickets with ENCORE each week. Text MAX and your name to 7-10-10 every Thursday. One winner will be awarded $100 in Lotto Max tickets with ENCORE each week. Standard message rates may apply.

Name That Sound is back! Tune into Calgary’s CJAY92 weekdays at 7 AM, 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, and 5 PM. When you hear the cue to enter, text the CODEWORD followed by your FULL NAME to 929292*. The 92nd entry through gets to guess the sound, and if correct, wins the cash pot! The pot starts at $1,000 and increases by $100 for every incorrect guess. Sponsored by Advantage Ford. [* Text lines open on all Canadian national networks. Standard text rates may apply].

Win with Virgin Vancouver

Posted: February 26, 2022 in All News, Broadcasting, Retail

From Monday, February 28th, Virgin Radio Vancouver is giving you the choice of either $250 in instant cash, OR a shot at $25,000! The choice is yours with 94.5 Virgin Radio’s Cash It Or Stash It!

Tune in weekdays and listen for your cue to text message at 7am, 8am, 12pm and 4pm. When you hear the keyword, text it followed by your full name to 945945. After 10 minutes, one lucky listener will get a call back, and if they answer, they will get to decide whether they want to cash it or stash it!

94.5 Virgin Radio’s Cash It Or Stash It, powered by the King Of Floors. [ Text lines are open on all national Canadian mobile networks. Standard texting rates may apply].

Get Movin’ with Virgin Radio! Text in to win Virgin 97.5 Mornings and Get Movin’. Text in the codewords for a chance to win with a $100 gas card! Listen weekday mornings with Jeff, Laura and Backstage Ben at 8am for the daily Get Movin’ codeword.

Just text* the codeword followed by your name to 975975 and we could be calling you an hour later to help you Get Movin’ with a $100 gas card! [*standard text message rates may apply, text lines open on all Canadian mobile networks].

MOVE 98.3 Birthday Jackpot!

Posted: February 17, 2022 in All News, Broadcasting

Tune into Kingston’s MOVE 98.3 and play Birthday Jackpot on your mobile. Listen weekdays at 9, 2 and 5 for your chance to win up to $2000! First, we’ll spin the MONTH wheel, and if it lands on the month you were born, text the word JACKPOT followed by your FULL NAME to 54321

If we call you back, you’ll instantly win $200! Then, we’ll spin the DAY wheel, and if it lands on the day of the month you were born, your $200 becomes $2000!! MOVE 98.3’s Birthday Jackpot … it’s the contest you were BORN to play!  Standard SMS rates may apply.

Tune into Ottawa’s PURE Country 94 and play the $10,000 Big Spend! You could win $10,000 to shop at Cabela’s. Listen out for your cue-to-text, 5 times daily, every day of the week (even on the weekends!!). When you hear it, text message the codeword PURE COUNTRY to 949494 (standard text messaging rates apply).


Play ROCKLE with Q107

Posted: February 3, 2022 in All News, Broadcasting

Tune in to Joanne Wilder on Toronto’s Q107 weekdays starting Wednesday, February 2 for your chance to win $107 for playing ROCKLE.

Joanne will give you a letter at 10am, 11am and 12pm. When you think you’ve got the correct answer, text the word ROCKLE plus your word guess to 107777 for your chance to win. Make sure to guess wisely, you only get one text per hour! (Standard text rates may apply).

You could kick off 2022 with $22,000! Play Pure Country’s 22K Double Play game on your mobile. Starting Monday, January 17th listen to London’s PURE Country 93 and Windsor’s PURE Country 89 on weekdays for your shot at winning $22,000!

Listen for new keywords twice every weekday – from 7-8am and 4-5pm – you’ll have 22 minutes to TEXT the keyword followed by your name to 939393. After 22 minutes we’ll select a lucky qualifier to instantly win $220 and be entered into the grand prize draw! That’s right, TWO daily qualifiers will each win $220!

Then, make sure you’re listening Monday, February 28th for the grand prize draw. In order to win you MUST answer our call! So don’t screen that $22,000 phone call!

The contest SMS line is open on all Canadian mobile networks. Standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your mobile plan.

Every weekday CHUM listeners have the chance to win great prizes plus $500 Cash from Santa.

It’s CHUM’s Secret Santa contest!

Every weekday at 7am CHUM’s Marilyn & Jamar will unwrap a new gift on air and announce what Santa’s Gift is for that day. They will then reveal the Keyword for that hour (7am) and again at 8am.

All you have to do is Text us the keyword and YOUR NAME to 104536 within 5 minutes to enter to be included in our Gift draw that happens each weekday at 5pm with Meredith Shaw. There are new Keywords at 11am, 1pm and 4pm for more chances to win. All text entries will be in the final draw at 5pm!

Meredith will call our winner each day at 5pm to award Santa’s Gift. ( You MUST answer the phone to be declared a Winner). So make sure you have your phone close by at 5pm each weekday. Santa has many prizes in his bag and we’ve heard him say he has tickets to the Leafs with Dinner at Real Sports,

And in his sleep we heard him mummble something like Justin Bieber Concert Night out with Dinner at E11even Restaurant. Plus he has many Gift cards and each of Santa’s gifts comes with $500 Cash!!

Be listening every morning at 7 when Marilyn & Jamar open one of Santa’s gifts then get ready to TEXT. Get what you want for Christmas this year, with CHUM’s Secret Santa! Standard Rates May Apply for texting.

Play EASY MONEY with Virgin Radio London for a chance to win $30,000. Listen out for qualifying codewords weekdays at 9am, noon and 3pm. When you hear the codeword, you’ll have 5 minutes to text the word and your name to 975975. The Grand Prize Winner will be contacted live on air on Monday, December 13th. Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Text to win $65,000 on a BRAND NEW 2021 Chevy LT Trailboss with Ottawa’s PURE Country 94. Tune into Ottawa’s PURE Country 94.

Listen for the sound of truck, TEN times every single weekday on Pure Country 94 for your cue-to-text. When you hear it, text TRUCK to 949494 to get your name in the draw to qualify! The more you listen… the more chances to win. Courtesy of and Ottawa’s Pure Country 94.

Standard text messaging rates may apply. Contest is available on all national mobile networks and closes at 7:00 p.m. E.T. on November 30, 2021.

This fall tune into Virgin Radio Toronto and play Live Rent Free on your mobile phone. The texting contest that gives you the chance to have your rent or mortgage paid for up to 1 year. Plus every text message you send enters you into the Grand Prize Draw for a chance to win $30,000!

To play, just tune into Virgin Radio Toronto and listen for the text to win codewords.  You’ll have 5 minutes to text it, and your full name, to 99999. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Contest closes at 6:10 p.m. ET on November 18, 2021.

TXT2WIN a new Nissan Rogue.

Posted: August 23, 2021 in All News, Broadcasting

Toronto’s CHUM 104.5 FM is giving away a brand new 2021 Nissan Rogue Platinum to one lucky listener. Tune in weekdays, (from August 9th to Friday, September 3rd, 2021), for the ‘cue-to-text codeword’. Text message your entries to the studio text number 104536. Standard SMS rates may apply.

Play Ultimate EdgeVentures with Toronto’s 102.1 the Edge. Tune in weekdays for a chance to win one of three amazing outdoor experiences. Listen out for the cue-to-text codeword and send it along with your name to 102102. Two texters will be picked to come on the air to face off in a ‘mini game’ challenge to qualify to win an Ultimate EdgeVenture of the week. Standard rates may apply.

Play CHUM 104.5’s ‘FOREVER FRIDAYS’ contest and you could qualify to win a brand new condo at Friday Harbour Resort! Simply tune into Toronto’s CHUM 104.5 FM each weekday for special keywords. When you hear the keyword,  TEXT it along with your FULL NAME to 104536. If the station calls you back, you could instantly qualify for a chance to win the fully furnished, 2 bedroom condo nestled in at Friday Harbour Resort on Lake Simcoe! Standard texting rates may apply.

Play ‘ONE & DONE’ on your mobile phone with Virgin Radio Montréal. Virgin will play one second of a hit song – get the song title right to win FREE CASH! Get it wrong, and the jackpot increases. All participants will be entered to win a Queen-sized mattress and pillows from Polysleep – the best mattress made in Canada! Listen at 8a, 9a, 4p, & 5p! When you hear the cue to enter, text “WIN” and your full name to 99999 for a chance to play. Standard text rates may apply.