King of Karaoke crowned.

Posted: November 16, 2009 in All News, Music, Outdoor

Karaoke Star A BIG country congratulations to Mr. Jason Gerber of Listowel, Ontario, who has just been crowned Karaoke Star 2009. Well done.

Yes, the coast to coast talent contest was back with more talented Canadian’s singing, or screaming, their lungs and hearts out.

Shows aired on Country Music Television and, for the first time,  a junior version, Karaoke Star Jr, featured on YTV. Viewers voted by text message for their favorite singer in each city round and then voted live for the final showdown winner.

Sadly, I was gifted a sack of spuds and a showering of Charlottetown harbor water for my rendition of Achey Breaky Heart. I will be back people.

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