COSMOTV goes mobile.

Posted: November 25, 2009 in All News, Outdoor

Cosmopolitan TV has launched a number of fun mobile features for Cosmo fans. Services can be accessed via SMS and the mobile internet.

Cosmo Excuse, allows you to find the perfect way to get out of any pickle. Want to escape that date from hell? No problemo. Just text COSMO EXCUSE to 66247 to receive a random excuse.

Will I marry? Will I be rich? Will the Habs win?  Did they party on the Mayflower? I don’t know all the answers but Cosmo Genie might.

Cosmo Genie, is a “magic 8 ball” type service that allows you to text in your questions to receive answers from our very own in-house Genie.  Simply text GENIE ASK to 66427 and follow her instructions.

If your night manoeuvres have gone a bit “Miss Havisham” of late then Cosmo Sex Tips might get you some bedroom brownie points.

To access juicy sex tips just send the phrase COSMO TIP to 66247.  A $0.50 network fee applies for each SMS you send in. All other texts, and internet use, is charged at your standard network rate.

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