Top Up Credit Cards by Text Message.

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Commerce, Retail

Prepaid credit cards have become increasingly popular of late.  A downside to using a prepaid card has been the time lag to load cash in to your account. But soon, Iridium MasterCard®, operated by SelectCore,  will rapidly speed up the card top up process via a new text message service.

The SMS top-up service will enable card customers to add credit to their card account in just seconds. Customers will be able to top up any cash amount by sending in a secured text message. Within seconds the user will receive a confirmation SMS showing their new account balance.

Mobile banking features already let account holders bank better. Card holders can text in keywords to receive on mobile mini-statements and they can receive real-time “card activity” alerts.  The latter is great for peace of mind should you travel a lot with your card.

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