Posted: May 1, 2022 in All News, Broadcasting

Move Radio’s BIKE A DAY IN MAY is BACK!
We’re gearing YOU up for summer with a brand new Supercycle Nitrous Dual Suspension Mountain Bike provided by Canadian Tire – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. IN. MAY!

To win, listen to Halifax Move 100 for the texting keyword weekdays at 8:30am and weekends at 1:30pm – text it back to us within 15 minutes and you could be winning the Bike of the Day!

You may text 100 24 7 a maximum of 1 time per keyword. You will only have 15 minutes after the keyword is announced to send in your text. Standard rates apply to text inquiries

How to enter the contest:

  1. On your cell phone, start a new text message
  2. Enter the destination number: 100247
  3. Enter the keyword announced that day (Weekdays at 8:30am AT, Weekends at 1:30pm AT)
  4. Send your message
  5. You will receive a confirmation message to let you know we got your entry
  6. It doesn’t cost you more than to text a friend!

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