goes all texting.

Posted: November 12, 2009 in All News, Marketing

nexopiaYes. Sadly. It is true. Mum is now on Facebook. Even my dad claims he twits or twots, whatever that is about, and poor old granny is now addicted to online bingo. What is happening to us all?

Where on Earth do the “hip” teens of today go to be chatty and all “secretive”?  In my day we all pretended to be young army recruits and we frequented the legion. Thankfully the teens of today are not pestering war heroes for a rum and coke. Many are turning to a new social cybersite, a new World and it’s called…and my is it popular…more popular than free rums at a naval base reunion.

Indeed, we were so impressed with this new social gathering, we helped them out.  We kitted them out with new text messaging features that enabled teens to take the chat away from the computer and on to the street. Take that Twinkers!

Amazingly thousands are now “Nexting” on their mobiles and some 83% have even agreed to receive promotions and ad alerts on their phone.

Is Facebook now too mom and pop? Nexopians seem to think so, and the good news is…it’s Canadian. New. Popular and I am far too old for it. Ah well, there is always the legion.

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