Huggies PULL-UPS®: Potty Training with Disney.

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Marketing

Wall-Mart Canada and Kimberly Clark are helping out parents to make potty training more fun by employing an SMS mobile campaign.

The Huggies PULL-UPS® campaign rewards your Big Kid® with a Disney character phone call each time they spend a penny. This is aimed to help motivate the child to stay on the potty training journey.

Here’s how it works:

To get a call-back message for a boy, text the word BUZZ1 to 288288. To get a call-back message for a girl, text the word CINDERELLA to 288288. When we respond with our phone call, press 1, and put the phone on speaker or hand the phone to your Big Kid® for their special Disney character message.

The child will hear a customized message encouraging them to keep up the good work, rewarding them for using the potty. The mobile service is free to use but your phone companies standard message and call rates will apply.

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