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Text messaging continues to have a cool factor with youth consumers  – even 10 years on since it became main stream on phones. US teens seem to love texting with 43% of US teens claiming it’s the main reason they own a mobile device.

This is all according to a recent US study undertaken by Nielsen telecom. Nielsen further claims that the average teen sends or receives 3,339 texts a month, with female’s being the heaviest users.

On March 25th 2011, the city of Vancouver will welcome the BON JOVI LIVE 2011 tour at Rogers Arena. For a chance to win tickets to see the real Jersey boys of rock simply text message BON JOVI to 104040.

This rockgantic contest is accessible from any mobile device in Canada. A $0.50 network fee will be applied per entry by your Canadian mobile network provider.  Please ask bill payers permission to enter. Contest closes sharp  on November 21st (23h59m PT).

Canadian brand BlackBerry® deployed a text messaging vote to run mobile campaigns at Concordia and McGill Universities. The text vote allowed two finalist candidates to run for mayor at their university.

Students texted in their vote choice to the campaign Short Code number 288288. Thousands of votes were recorded until an out right winner was declared at the end of the campaign. Students who voted were later connected to the BlackBerry® mobile site, where they could  learn more about the new BlackBerry® Torch.

On November 14th, British master of rock  – Ozzy Ozbourne – will be thundering it out at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

Do you fancy going to this headbanging extravaganza? Well, thanks to the fab folks at TEAM Radio 1040, you could text win a pair of VIP tickets.

For a chance to win simply text message the word OZZY to 104040. $0.50 per SMS entry. The lucky winner will be announced live on TEAM radio 1040 on November 10th.

Arla Foods USA Runs SMS Campaign.

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Marketing, Retail

Dairy producer, Arla Foods has launched a mobile SMS campaign promoting their Dofino® and Denmark’s Finest® Havarti cheese products.

US consumers are promoted in retail stores to text in the keywords DOFINO or WIN to 872257.  Consumers are awarded a ballot entry to win limited edition party boxes and money off coupons. Entry is free but your standard network message and data rates may apply.


Xbox 360 presents Justin Bieber – My World Tour, Tuesday, October 19th at Rogers Arena! Listen for your chance to win Justin Bieber tickets next Friday (October 15th) at 12:10pm and 4:10pm and the FRONT ROW ticket giveaway at 8:10pm! You’ll also score Justin Bieber’s latest CD, “My World 2.0.”

PLUS Xbox 360 is giving you the chance to Meet, Greet and Play with Justin Bieber! Text the word XBOX to 945945 and you could win tickets to the concert and passes to an exclusive Meet & Greet with Justin Bieber – where you’ll meet Justin and play KINECT for Xbox 360 with him! $0.50 per entry.

Nintendo and electronics retailer Best Buy is offering its U.S customers free MP3 ringtones when they purchase select Nintendo games.

Consumers are awarded a unique PIN code, which can be exchanged online for 3 ringtones. The program is supported by all US phone networks and there are literally thousands of ringtones to choose from.

Best Buy is utilizing  Puretracks’ Web2Mobile promotional platform, which offers brands a one stop service to run mobile marketing programs. For more information on Web2Mobile click here.

Mobile campaigns can be a powerful marketing tool, but the power is in the creative concept. Mobile will not make a poor idea better, but it can make a good idea great.

I have been asked quite frequently about mobile usage. At times I run into the objection that mobile is not an effective way to reach an audience. That it is some kind of side kick. Like a baked potato to steak dinner, like The E Street Band to Bruce Springsteen, like Robin to Batman.

Text is not a side-kick, it’s a utility. Like the steak knife to the steak dinner. Like Timbaland or Santana to almost every popular artist in the last 10 years. Or even better, like Batman’s belt. Think of the value of his Grapple Gun – without it several escapes would never have been possible. It’s an essential tool on his belt. But he doesn’t need it every time…just in select situations.

In the days of ‘small groups of highly interested people’ mobile can be the MOST effective tool you can use for your campaign.

Need proof that Canadians are text addicts? In the last 8 years mobile has grown exponentially. In 2002 Canadians sent 174 million text messages over the year – now we send almost that in a SINGLE DAY!

SMS is a 16 billion+ dollar industry in Canada alone!

Think BlackBerrys BBM will make a dent in the SMS industry? There are 35 million BlackBerrys worldwide, and over 1 billion mobile phones!

So we come back, now, to the campaign: To the car dealer who wants to launch a new model to a specific target audience, to a wedding gown shop that wants to promote their Maggie Soterro line, to the municipal government wanting to promote their community calendar, to the nightclub who wants to bring your target demo in the door.

You can build an effective campaign including on-air, online, texting and on-site that will make texting one of your most valuable marketing partners.

Think mobile is not a broadcast medium? Think again. With an effective campaign, you can build a list or ‘club’ of highly interested consumers that sits in a mobile control panel as long as you need it.


– everyone who found the car and texted it’s location to win a 1 year lease has at least an interest in that make/model, and can be sent texts with special financing rates.

– everyone who texted to win the Maggie Soterro gown are perhaps in the market for a wedding gown, and they’re all sitting in our text list ready to be sent a special text offer after the draw has been made.

– everyone who signed up for the community calendar can be texted the weekend’s events every Thursday to increase turn-out.

– everyone who texted to bypass the line at the nightclub can now be sent special VIP access once a month to bring them back to the club with their friends.

Start thinking more about mobile and and how you can use it to enhance your campaigns!

[Credits: Kimberly O’Keefe is interactive manager for Corus Radio’s Southwestern Ontario region. Kimberly’s blog can be found here.]

Bluenotes Stores is giving its customers the chance to win 2 pairs of jeans each month for a year.  Consumers are promoted in store and online to text the keyword WIN to 288288.

Those who text in are auto entered in to the contest draw. To enter is free but your phone network standard text rates may apply depending on your plan.

Passengers, please make sure your seats are in the upright position and your luggage is securely stowed. The newest concept in airport parking is preparing for takeoff….CISN Country 103.9 brings you the jetSet Roving Car contest!

To celebrate the launch of jetSet Parking, the brand new parking facility at Edmonton International Airport, two roving cars have been unleashed on the city.

Be on the lookout for these bright orange vehicles parked around Edmonton. When you spot them, tell us their location by texting the word JETSET to  212223.

Text in their location correctly and you’ll be entered to win a complimentary 7 day jetSet valet voucher. Successful entries will also qualify to win a jetsetter vacation for 2 valued at 3 thousand dollars! A $0.50 network fee applies per text.

Toyota is to launch a new text messaging service that will enable US consumers to text in for information about any vehicle in the Toyota range.

Consumers will be able to text message the brand name of the car to the number 872257. Within seconds they will receive a text reply with factoids about the car and a link to the Toyota mobile website.

The program will be promoted on out of home media screens across the US and will be available on all US phone networks.

Wall-Mart Canada and Kimberly Clark are helping out parents to make potty training more fun by employing an SMS mobile campaign.

The Huggies PULL-UPS® campaign rewards your Big Kid® with a Disney character phone call each time they spend a penny. This is aimed to help motivate the child to stay on the potty training journey.

Here’s how it works:

To get a call-back message for a boy, text the word BUZZ1 to 288288. To get a call-back message for a girl, text the word CINDERELLA to 288288. When we respond with our phone call, press 1, and put the phone on speaker or hand the phone to your Big Kid® for their special Disney character message.

The child will hear a customized message encouraging them to keep up the good work, rewarding them for using the potty. The mobile service is free to use but your phone companies standard message and call rates will apply.

Ottawa radio stations TEAM 1200, 580 CFRA and BOB 93.9FM are giving away tickets to the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. Bluesfest opens Tuesday, July 6th at Lebreton Flats.

To enter simply text 1200BLUES, 939BLUES or 580BLUES to 54321. $0.50 per entry and please include your name.

In 1972, BC Lions legends like Jim Young and Ray Nettles rock & rolled the opposition at Empire Stadium while Mick, Keith and the lads rock & rolled the planet with one of music’s seminal albums: Exile On Main Street.

This summer The Lions return to the hallowed grounds at the new Empire Field and The Stones have just released a deluxe edition of Exile.

TEAM Radio wants you to enjoy it all. Text EXILE to 104040 for your chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to the BC Lions 2010 season home-opener on Saturday July 10th vs. the Riders, outdoors at Empire Field plus a copy of the reissued Exile double disc featuring 10 previously unreleased Stones Tracks, available now.

From Universal Music and the home of BC Lions Football in Vancouver TEAM Radio. $0.50 network fee applies per contest entry.

Golf Kamloops is giving you the chance to win a luxurious golf getaway for four! Just text to win a chance to play two of the finest golf courses Kamloops has to offer, plus 2 night’s accommodation courtesy of Four Points by Sheraton Kamloops

This week’s featured golf courses are The Dunes at Kamloops and Rivershore Estate and Golf Links!

Just text DUNES to 104040 to win your way in! You can also enter to win below for an additional chance to win! $0.50 network fee applies for each text sent.

Enjoy a relaxing golf getaway courtesy of Golf Kamloops!
Presented in part by the TEAM Radio.

The 2010 Much Music Video Awards will soon be here and CHUM Radio and WestJet want you to be there.

You can text to win access to the event to win the ultimate MMVA VIP prize.

To enter simply text the code MMVA to 945945. Players must be 14 or over to enter. A $0.50 network fee applies per entry.

Beauty care  company Bioré® will be rewarding its US Facebook fans with free ringtones through a Facebook ringtone application.

The promotion permits any US signed up member to enter their mobile number to receive a mobile coupon to download a ringtone to their mobile device.

There are over ten thousand ringtones to choose from and the service is supported on all US mobile networks.

Corus Radio station, The BEAT 91.5 FM is giving its listeners the chance to win passes to a private screening of Sex and the City 2 – PLUS – a chance to win a trip to NYC!

The winner will get 4 VIP passes to The BEAT’s exclusive screening on June 3rd.

To enter the contest simply text NYC to the number 212223. A $0.50 network fee applies per entry.

Questrade, Canada’s fastest growing online stock broker is using text messaging to push customers to its mobile web portal.

By texting NO BULL to 288288 customers are able to receive a mobile message with a clickable link to the Questrade mobile website.

Typing in a mobile web URL or having to navigate your phone company home page can often be a cumbersome exercise.  Using an SMS call to action enables the phone user to connect instantly to a brands mobile website.

Standard message and data rates may apply when using SMS and the mobile web.

Ottawa’s TEAM 1200 is giving its listeners a chance to win a 4-some golf pass to eQuinelle Golf Club, the National Capital Region’s newest championship golfing experience.

To enter listeners are promoted to text GOLF to 54321 during the TGOR and Healthy Scratches shows. You can enter as many times as you wish. A $0.50 network fee applies per entry.